All I Want for Christmas Is a Decent Perfume Commercial

Photo by Millicent Leandra on Unsplash
  1. Take a bath with way too many bubbles like she can’t read/is too carefree to be bothered to read the instructions on the bubble bath bottle
  2. Fall into a pool fully clothed in an expensive gown with complete disregard for the dress’s wash and care instructions
  3. Carry a bouquet of balloons around like she is taking an afternoon off from her day job as a children’s entertainer, or
  4. Ride a seemingly wild horse along the beach in her expensive gown because that’s totally something fancy people do, but we’re just too far removed from their world to get it



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Ash Strehle Hartman

Ash Strehle Hartman


I’m a freelance writer and editor. I’ve written nonfiction children’s books, bar reviews, health care communications and more: