My Neighbors Put Up a “Defend Marriage” Sign

And I Was Shocked

Photo by yoav hornung on Unsplash

But the people closest to me, even though we disagree, I’ve never known them to be hateful in a way my new neighbors just were.

Full disclosure, I don’t know these neighbors, though I live in the type of Midwestern neighborhood where you might drop in to bring your new neighbors cookies or something.

I rarely stand up in a way that I feel I can be proud of later.

Instead, I just stand there utterly perplexed, because, truthfully, I don’t understand how people can be such spiteful, hateful jerks. I don’t understand, why in a world so already full of pain, some people decide to willingly inflict it on others because they’re ignorant, fearful or they think their way of life is the only one worth living.

I’m a freelance writer and editor. I’ve written nonfiction children’s books, bar reviews, health care communications and more:

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